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Most recently at a conference in Barcelona announced
the release of Windows 8 CP, has become available
for free download.
Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8

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Computer services in Varna, Bulgaria

Many people love a variety, therefore desire to have on the computer at once some operating systems is not something unusual. At someone under control of Windows Vista, 7 (Seven) the favourite toy, and consequently is not started He is compelled to establish on the computer also Windows XP, someone wishes To test the program created by it on several system platforms, Someone in general collects operating systems of various manufacturers.
fortunately, in architecture Microsoft Windows XP is available very convenient The mechanism named the multiloader which allows to choose a loaded operating system every time when the user includes a food of the personal computer.

let's consider this remarkable mechanism to understand, As it works.

Loading Windows XP in an alternative mode
Loading Windows Vista and Windows XP
Loading Windows XP and Linux
Not all from us are happy owners Super-power personal computers, and the means postponed for purchase More capacious hard disk or operative memory, it is quite possible To spend and more pleasant image. At the same time practice shows that Windows ХР, as, however, and other NT-compatible platforms, in process Functioning are used by one plain principle: "speed is equal to counteraction".
That is than more than efforts we put, To force Windows to work faster, the operating system counteraction is stronger. Having faced the given circumstance, users in Despair ask a question:
"Well not to throw out to me the out-of-date computer?"
there are some rather effective ways to force Windows ХР to work faster even on computers with not too modern hardware configuration.

about them we also will talk.

Increase in productivity of system for the account Options of the user interface

To start the program system Adjustment, pass in the Main thing Menu Windows XP pressing the button Start-up (Start), choose in it point to Execute (Run), in the opened window program Start make msconfig team Also click the mouse on the button APPRX.
All changes brought by you in a configuration of an operating system by means of the given application, will be automatically brought in the register and other system files. Services Windows XP are system processes which carry out equipment and software support on low, close to Hardware, level.
flexibly to adjust the list of services carried out on the computer, you can be necessary to enter into system with powers of the manager.

Connection and disconnect of service providers

Register Windows XP (Windows registry) represents relational base The data in which all accumulates necessary for normal functioning of the computer the information on operating system options, and also Used together with Windows the software and the equipment.
Let's try list a spectrum of basic possibilities short, Which before us ability to work with register Windows XP can open.

editing of register Windows XP

Standard means of administration Windows XP

In the given chapter we will consider some question, connected with local administration of the computer working under control of Microsoft Windows XP. Here some aspects of resource management of the operational will be shined Systems, and also are studied methods of carrying out of the actions providing Safety of a data storage and raising reliability of work with system As a whole.

Management of problems and processes

Local area networks

Operating system Windows XP gives the chance to work in a local area network, That is to share network hardware resources, such as a disco - вые stores, printers and modems. Unlike the previous realisations Microsoft Windows, in Windows XP procedure of adjustment of a local area network extremely It is simplified, it is accessible even to the beginners only mastering principles of work With an operating system. A set of convenient masters and evident, simple in on - To building dialog boxes will help you to change a network configuration for schitan - ные minutes.

Short data on local area networks

Emergency restoration

The most difficult process is restoration of the damaged system In case Windows it is established in the disk section containing the file Table NTFS owing to what you cannot take advantage of the loading Diskettes and special utilities DOS. Also certain complexities Can cause restoration of damaged loading record Windows XP, Which can be erased some DOS-utilities, for example the program FDISK. For these purposes developers have provided the special mechanism, Which has received name Recovery Console (RC), or the restoration console.

the restoration Console

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